Mahmoud Achour

Specialist in tax law
RA Achour & Partner mbB - Mahmoud Achour

Mahmoud Achour was born in Saarbrücken in 1972. He completed his studies at the faculty of law of the Universität Hannover (University of Hannover). His vocation as a lawyer first emerged during his legal clerkship. Accordingly, he made the practice of law the focal point of his education and training. He began his career working for a medium-sized law firm in Dortmund and completed his training in a Berlin office specializing in commercial law, where he continued to work after his bar examination.  He passed the bar in 2003. Following further specialized experience in a commercial law office in Berlin, he founded the law firm Achour, which gradually expanded into the partnership company Achour & Partners still existing today. Since 2011 Mahmoud has further added the practice of fiscal law to his expertise.

Languages of correspondence: German, English, French and Arabic.

Main areas of legal practice:

  • Commercial Law (e.g. corporate law)
  • Fiscal Law / Fiscal Advice (tax consultancy)
  • Criminal Law / Economic Law
  • Real Estate Law