Mahmoud Achour

RA Achour & Partner mbB - Mahmoud Achour

Mahmoud Achour was born in 1972 in Saarbrücken. He studied law at the legal faculty of the University of Hanover. Already during the legal clerkship, he appeared to wish to become a lawyer and therefore focussed his training accordingly. He initially worked in a medium-sized law firm in Dortmund and completed his training in a law firm for commercial/business law in Berlin where he still works some time after his examination. Mahmoud Achour was admitted to the Bar in 2003. This was followed by another employment in a commercial law firm, before he founded the law firm Achour in 2004, which expanded in 2005 to form the existing partnership company. Mahmoud Achour has also specialized in tax law since 2011.

Correspondence languages: German, English, French, Arabic

Main areas of expertise:

  • Business law (and corporate law)
  • Tax law/tax advice
  • Criminal law/commercial criminal law
  • Real estate law