The firm

Many years of experience, competence and assertiveness in a trusting atmosphere. We are here for you.

What distinguishes us is our ability to combine long-standing experience with competency and assertive advocacy on behalf of our clients in a trustworthy and cooperative environment. We are here to help you.

We unconditionally put the interests of our clients first. Our utmost priority is to offer you individually tailored and cost-efficient services. 
One way to ensure comprehensive support to our clients is our flexibility in terms of availability and complete transparency regarding strategy and procedure. Accordingly, we are available and on call at all times to answer your questions and offer you advice.

We make sure that every single individual case is handled with the utmost care and a specifically tailored approach, in order to show you effective paths to a swift solution and equip you with tangible strategic guidance. We offer our clients the best possible advice and representation, both in and out of court. Prioritizing your rights and interests, we solve legal problems both swiftly and bindingly.

Our Law firm Achour & Partner mbB advises both private and corporate clients with competence and long-standing experience. Close cooperation within our team enables us to develop effective solutions for even the most complex legal problems.

We emphasize transparency by giving our clients full insight into all expected costs in advance. We further offer an evaluation of your concern in terms of a fair and appropriate cost-benefit ratio. We aim to reduce the potential of increases in fees and charges to a minimum in order to help avoid unexpected costs and ensure that everyone has fair access to legal advice and representation.